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Master of Health Professions Education Program

Queen's Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE) program fills a gap between clinical knowledge and teaching skills for individuals employed in the health professions sector and/or residents/allied health students seeking a position at an academic setting. 

Jointly developed and designed by clinical faculty members and pedagogical experts, Queen's MHPE program embeds Indigenous teachings and learnings throughout the program.

Queen's MHPE program is a 2-year, cohort-based degree program with 8 blended courses that provides health professionals the flexibility to continue working to meet their professional obligations.

The MHPE program at Queen's university has exceeded my expectations. While I expected to learn a wealth of knowledge about Health Profession's Education, I was not expecting to learn it all as quickly as I have. The courses are relevant and very applicable to real world scenarios and help the learners develop a teaching dossier for practical use upon graduation. I was not expecting to make such wonderful connections with classmates and course directors across Canada which has been a pleasant surprise considering the classes have all been online. The program has been incredibly supportive to our busy clinical schedules and timely feedback and support has been provided when needed. I highly recommend this program for anyone interested in teaching within a healthcare setting. 

~ Britton Sprules, MHPE, PA

Who Should Apply?

Individuals who are current practicing health professionals and individuals in the final stages of their training (i.e., residency) or seeking a position within an academic setting would be interested in our program, including:

Wiley Chung

I would highly recommend the MHPE program at Queen’s University, especially for any health professional pursuing an academic career. This program is unique in that it embraces collaborative practice and has weaved an Indigenous perspective throughout the program. Currently, there is no other program in Canada that offers this!


Wiley Chung, MHPE, MD, FRCSC

Important Dates

The program has exceeded my expectations in many ways. What I didn’t expect to occur so early in this program was to develop close relationships with some of the wonderful people. Having such diverse backgrounds, I was not anticipating this, but I feel very fortunate to have connected with many of our classmates.

Mandy Patterson – MHPE, RDH, CDA II