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An unprecedented CaRMS matching outcome for Queen’s

An unprecedented CaRMS matching outcome for Queen’s

The outstanding results of the match are a testament to many. To our staff, our residents, our program assistants, every community faculty member who teaches, our university faculty, and our leaders in postgraduate and undergraduate education – you all deserve credit for helping us to achieve excellence in medicine. You have worked so hard for this great outcome.

Congratulations to those residents who have matched to our postgraduate programs here at Queen’s. We look forward to welcoming you into the Queen’s Medicine family. And finally, to our students moving on from Queen’s this fall, I wish you the best in your next adventure. I have no doubt that you will all make incredible doctors in whichever field you’ve chosen.

Please feel free to share your CaRMS match day story in the comments below, or better yet, drop by the Macklem House to share your good news in person. My door is always open.


Aubrey Kassirer

Fri, 06/30/2017 - 10:35

Great news! But how did every Queen’s program fill at every site, when the article also states that 98% of Queen’s available positions were filled?

Aubrey Kassirer

Hi Dr. Kassirer,

It looks that Dr. Brown said that all Family Medicine positions at all sites were filled immediately, although other programs/specialties were filled by 98%.

Olga Lemeshko

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