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The Health Sciences Education Technology Unit has been active at the regional and national level promoting effective ways to enhance teaching and learning in medical education. The following posters, workshops and papers have been developed and presented at various conferences to demonstrate the unit's work.

ICRE International Conference on Residency Education October 2018 (Halifax, NS)

  • Workshop - CBME: The role of the program administrator. Facilitated by Tessa Hanmore, Jennifer B. Dare, Rebecca Pero, Heather-Ann Thompson, Lindsay Crawford, Elizabeth Pero, and Mary Bouchard.
  • Presentation - Wading through the data: Developing a structured framework to help guide academic advisors. Presented by Jessica Trier, Tessa Hanmore, Mary V. Bouchard, and Amy Acker.
  • Poster - Dedicated assessors: Description of an education innovation in the clinical setting. Presented by Amy Acker, Peter MacPherson, Kirk Leifso, and Mary V Bouchard.
  • Panel - Educational consultants: Supporting program development and implementation. Panel presented by Tessa Hanmore, Elizabeth Pero, Mary V. Bouchard, Jennifer B. Dare, Rebecca P. Pero, Martha Munezhi, and Lindsay Crawford.

AMEE Association of Medical Educators of Europe August 2018 (Basel, Switzerland)

  • Presentation - Elentra's Integrated Teaching and Learning Platform. Presented by Andrew Dos-Santos.

World Summit on CBME August 2018 (Basel, Switzerland)

  • Presentation - Elentra CBME Assessment Completion Rates: An Early Performance Indicator of Queen's Success. Presented by L. McEwen and A. Dos-Santos.
  • Poster - Highlighting Elentra Competency-Based Assessment Features used at Queen's University. Presented by A. Dos Santos, M. V. Bouchard, L. McEwen
  • Poster - Documenting Work-based Assessments with Elentra: How long does it really take?. Presented by L. McEwen, A. Dos Santos, M. V. Bouchard, and J. D. Dagnone.

CCME The Canadian Conference on Medical Education April 2018 (Halifax, NS)

  • Presentation - Realizing Competency Based Assessment at Queen's: Our Elentra Solution. Presented by A. Dos Santos, M. V. Bouchard, L. McEwen, and J. D. Dagnone.

Queen's CBME Conference 2017 (Kingston, ON)

  • Workshop - Education Consultants: Supporting program development & implementation. Presented by R. Aucoin, M. V. Bouchard, J. B. Dare, T. Hanmore, M. Munezhi, E. Pero, and R Pero.
  • Workshop - Leveraging technology to support CBME. Presented by A. Dos Santos, M. V. Bouchard, M Jaeger.

ICRE The International Conference on Residency Education 2017 (Quebec City, QC)

  • Poster - Bringing order to chaos: The diverse approaches of educational consultants supporting the development and implementation of CBME at Queen's. Presented by M. V. Bouchard, T. Hanmore, E Pero, C Regoza, M McDonald, and L. McEwen.

Elentra Consortium 2017 (Chicago, IL)

  • Paper - Realizing competency-based assessment at Queen's with Elentra. Presented by Andrew Dos Santos, Laura McEwen, and Mary Bouchard.

ICRE The International Conference on Residency Education 2014 (Toronto, ON)

AFMC Medical Education Conference 2014 (Ottawa, ON)

  • Poster - SkillScribe:  An Innovative Electronic Platform for Faculty Development Programming. Presented by Laura McDiarmid, Danielle Naumann, Matt Simpson, and Karen Smith.

AFMC Medical Education Conference 2013 (Quebec City, QC)

  • Workshop - Flipping the classroom:  a practical guide to the creation of self-directed learning modules. Presented by Lynel Jackson, Lindsay Davidson, and Sheila Pinchin.

AFMC Medical Education Conference 2012 (Banff, AB)

AFMC Medical Education Conference 2011 (Toronto, ON)

  • Poster - Bringing the Scholar Competency to Life with 'Dr. Google' and 'Evidence:  Search and Rescue'. Presented by Sandra Halliday, Lynel Jackson, Suzanne Maranda, Heather Murray, and Sheila Pinchin.

European Association for Health Information and Libraries (EAHIL) 2009 (Dublin, Ireland)

  • Paper - The e-teaching collaborative: a unique partnership assisting medical faculty to adopt innovative educational technologies and methodologies."  Presented by Laurie Scott, Amy Allcock, Suzanne Maranda, Sheila Pinchin, and Elaine Van Melle.

Ontario Libraries Association (OLA) 2009 (Toronto, Ontario)

EDUCAUSE 2008 (Orlando, Florida)

AFMC Medical Education Conference 2008 (Montreal, QC)

Alliance for CME (ACME) 2008 (Orlando, FL)

Eastern Ontario Symposium on Educational Technology (EOSET) 2007 (Kingston, ON)

AFMC Medical Education Conference 2007 (Victoria, BC)

MERLOT International Conference 2006 (Ottawa, ON)

AFMC Medical Education Conference 2006 (London, ON)

OMEN Education Research Symposium 2005 (London, ON)

AFMC Medical Education Conference 2005 (Saskatoon, SK)

AFMC Medical Education Conference 2004 (Halifax)