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The Centre for Health Services and Policy Research (CHSPR) at Queen's University was created by the University Senate and Board of Trustees in 2001 as a successor to the Queen’s Health Policy Research Unit.

CHSPR is situated as a free-standing research centre within the Faculty of Health Sciences. Built around a core group of researchers trained in disciplines such as public policy, health economics, epidemiology, biostatics, medicine, social psychology, medical sociology and geography, it enjoys collaborative ties with the School of Policy Studies, the School of Rehabilitation Therapy, Community Health and Epidemiology, and other departments at Queen’s.

The Director of CHSPR reports to the Dean of Health Sciences through an Advisory Council. The Council functions in an advisory capacity; it reviews and offers advice on the Centre’s annual report and work plan.

CHSPR Advisory Council

  • Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Faculty of Health Sciences 
  • Associate Dean of Research, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Director, School of Nursing
  • Director, School of Rehabilitation Therapy 
  • Director, School of Policy Studies
  • Head, Department of Public Health Sciences