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Nursing unveils new strategic plan

Nursing unveils new strategic plan

Under the excellent leadership of Professor Jennifer Medves the School of Nursing has had a series of successes in the past five years. The school spearheaded the development of our new master of science in healthcare quality program, earned a $5.8M grant to lead a province-wide initiative to improve nursing simulation and has initiated the development of several new programs: a diploma in pain management and programs in aging & health. The school has also coordinated a year of celebrations to mark its 75thanniversary and endeavours to raise $750K to build an endowment fund for student scholarships. All the while our nursing students have had excellent performance on national licensing exams, and they continue to report high levels of student satisfaction.

Dr. Medves was appointed for a second term in 2014, and in order to build on the programs and achievements that she and her colleagues inaugurated in the first five years of her tenure, a new strategic plan has been created.

The strategic plan is built on five pillars, each with a set of strategies, benchmarks and goals that will be achieved over the next five years. I would like to share with you some of the highlights:

Goal 1 – Students
We support the growth of nursing professionals who provide excellent care, with passion, creativity, and confident leadership.

Through enhanced advancement efforts, the school will grow and pursue endowments, which will directly effect our students. With a goal of raising $10M for student assistance, nursing envisions offering scholarships to up to 70% of our undergraduate students, 50% of masters students and 100% of PhD students. This will drastically improve accessibility to our programming while reducing the share of student assistance funds that come from the school’s operating budget.

In addition to its focus on student assistance, the school will continue to integrate technology into the classroom and develop elective clinical placements for the undergraduate program.

Goal 2 – Reputation

We are recognized for excellence in education, research and clinical practice, and for an innovative and unique student experience.

In practice, this goal means that the school will focus resources on developing faculty members as teachers, researchers and clinicians. This will include establishing a mentorship program, creating clinical appointments and supporting interdisciplinary research and education through cross-appointments within the Faculty of Health Sciences and the university as a whole.

Goal 3 – Development

We build on our solid foundation and leverage opportunities to grow our resources and talent.

This section’s major highlight is the continuation of the planning process for a new site for the School of Nursing and School of Rehabilitation Therapy. By 2020 a new site will have been identified, a budget will be in place complemented by an advancement campaign and a detailed project plan will lay out the steps necessary to bring the new site to fruition.

Goal 4 – Collaboration

We work with partners and stakeholders to advance our common goals. 

The School of Nursing is already well-versed in seeking out and building partnerships, and in the next five years it will build on this foundation, with a reach that is not just local or national, but global, and includes research and education partnerships developed in South America and Africa. The drive to build new partnerships will also mean developing mutually beneficial relationships in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. 

Goal 5 – Operations

The work and activities of the School of Nursing are supported by effective and efficient operating systems.

The School of Nursing recognizes the importance of IT systems and their effectiveness in enhancing administrative operations and supporting teaching and learning goals. As such, the school has laid out a plan where much of their communication and coursework will go paperless by 2017, and a computerized exam room will be available for exam writing by 2018.

To learn more about the plan and see the details, you can have a look at the entire document byclicking here – I think you’ll find it interesting.

The Faculty of Health Sciences is proud of the strength brought to the faculty through its three schools. As the School of Nursing launches its five-year strategic plan, I would like to express my personal congratulations to the entire School of Nursing team.

Please share your thoughts by commenting on the blog, or better yet, drop by my office…my door is always open.


Thank you to Jen Valberg, Communications Coordinator for her assistance in preparing this blog.

Bill Moore Meds ''62

Thu, 06/29/2017 - 11:26

Richard, the new Nursing School strategic plan is impressive and bodes well for current and future students dedicated to patients who rely so much on their expertise and caring. Hopefully all the Goals will be achieved in the times envisioned.

It may not yet be possible to share the strategic plan for Queen’s Medical School but I look forward to seeing it or being reminded how to access it. I am sure it will be equally impressive and reinforce my confidence in ongoing progress.

Bill Moore Meds ''62

Hi Bill,
Thank you for your comments. Indeed it is an impressive plan! The School of Medicine strategic plan will be released towards the end of 2016, and we will ensure that all of our alumni have the opportunity to see it.


Shirley Eastabrook

Thu, 06/29/2017 - 11:26

Congratulations to Dr Medves, Faculty, Students and Staff on the Strategic Plan. As a Queens Nursing grad (BNSc’76) and retired faculty member, I am proud of the School’s accomplishments and excited to hear about the awesome plans for the future.

Shirley Eastabrook

Jane W Johnston

Thu, 06/29/2017 - 11:27

As a proud Queen’s Nursing grad ( BNSc’84) and retired adjunct faculty, I also send congratulations to Dr. Medves and all at the School of Nursing and their partners for an ambitious and exciting Strategic Plan. The new program developments in healthcare quality, pain, aging and health as well as the exploration of new educational and research partnerships in South America and Africa are timely and will offer many opportunities for graduates. It would be wonderful to see a future co-location between the Schools of Nursing and Rehabilitation (and Medicine too ) enabling a rich opportunity to enhance collaborative education.

Jane W Johnston

Hi Jane,
Thank you for your comment. It is an exciting time for the School of Nursing with so many new developments and opportunities. I will pass your congratulations on to Dr. Medves.

Richard Reznick

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