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Setting the course for our next five years

Five years ago, we developed a strategic framework that would unite the three schools in the Faculty of Health Sciences under one vision: to ask questions, seek answers, advance care, and inspire change. In that time, the faculty has established itself as a point of pride for the university and it has been thanks to the dedication and commitment of our students, faculty members, and staff that we have advanced the respective strategies of the schools of medicine, nursing, and rehabilitation therapy. In the past five years, we have fostered new approaches to collaboration and interprofessionalism, we have developed new programming, piloted new models of education, and we have fortified our research initiatives.

With the Faculty of Health Sciences and School of Medicine’s five year strategic plans coming to an end in 2016, we spent the last year evaluating our past, talking to our stakeholders, and envisioning our next five years. I would like to thank our two steering committees who were the driving force behind these plans; over 30 individuals put in countless hours of work to bring these plans to life.

I am now pleased to share our 2017-2021 Faculty of Health Sciences Strategic Framework and 2017-2021 School of Medicine Strategic Plan with you – both can be read online, or you can come by the Macklem House to pick up your own hard copy.

As you read through the strategic framework and strategic plan, you’ll see that both the Faculty and School of Medicine have committed to four unifying strategic directions:

  • Conducting targeted and collaborative research
  • Developing, leading, and implementing new models of education and training
  • Building strong and collaborative partnerships
  • Keeping patients and populations at the centre of our academic mission

We have also re-committed to our vision: to ask questions, seek answers, advance care and inspire change will remain at the heart of everything that we do.

Of course, behind our past successes and the bold initiatives that we have set for the future are a faculty of dedicated staff, students, faculty members, alumni, partners, benefactors and friends. We are fortunate to have such a hard-working team. Through collaboration and alignment with our partners, I am confident that we will continue to contribute leadership across education, health care and research, and enhance the regional, national and international impact of the important work that we do.

I encourage you to take the time to read through our new strategic plans, and once you have, please share your thoughts by commenting on the blog. Or better yet, drop by the Macklem House…my door is always open.


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