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Pre-clerkship Observerships

Below you will find application details for pre-clerkship global health observerships. Please read instructions carefully and pay close attention to deadlines. 


1) Read the documents Criteria for Pre-clerkship GH Observership and Pre-clerkship Code of Conduct. 

2) Complete a pre-clerkship GH observership application through the Placement Map page on the OGH website. If the placement has been created you may apply through the database. If the placement has not been created, you will need to create a new placement and then apply (link is located below the map). The application is directed through MEdTech and is entirely electronic. Complete the application at least 6 weeks prior to your departure.

Please note: The Office of Global Health must approve educational objectives and students must agree to the Code of Conduct. Application and email confirmation from the OGH must be sent to the Office of Global HealthThis does NOT need to be completed when application submitted.

If you are completing a placement that will not take place during the typical summer months please email the Office of Global Health at global.health@queensu.ca 

3) Refer to the International Activities & Procedures page on the UGME site. Take note of all required procedures and deadlines. Contact Jacqueline Findlay, jacqueline.findlay@queensu.ca for questions regarding UGME policies.

4) Electronically submit the Observership Registration Form for the UGME. NOTE: upon returning to Kingston you are required to submit an observership attendance form to ensure the observership is recorded with the UGME. Please contact the UGME with any questions. Observership forms are due 6 weeks prior to the observership. 

5) Familiarize yourself with the supporting documentation for the Off-Campus Activity Safety Policy. Complete and submit the Off-Campus Activity Safety Policy (OCASP) application. OCASP must be submitted six (6) weeks prior to your departure for approval.

Please note: OCASP application is lengthy and may take a significant amount of time. If the Queen's University International Centre does not approve your observership, it will not be recorded in your academic records. If you require further assistance with your application, please contact Sandra Jeffers at jefferss@queensu.ca 

6) Please visit this page for current PDT dates. 



  • Applications due at least 6 weeks prior to departure
  • The OGH is to confirm student’s personal and educational objectives and confirm agreeance with Code of Conduct 
  • Pre-departure training: March 18 & 28, 2019. Attendance at both PDT sessions is MANDATORY. 
  • It is time to start thinking about immunizations, health insurance & language training.

Prior to PDT: follow this link to the Queen's University International Centre PDT and read the 'before you go' and 'while abroad' sections. 

  • OCASP: due six (6) weeks prior to your departure date
  • Observership Approval Form: due 6 weeks prior to departure (online through UGME)

** The Office of Global Health strongly recommends students register with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Travel’s program, Registration of Canadians Abroad.


  • Observership Attendance Form:  (online through UGME)
  • OCASP post-activity report form: due 30 days post-arrival (online through OCASP portal)



  • MANDATORY Post-arrival Debrief Session and/or Interview: Fall 2018
  • Reflection: Due: November 2018