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The Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP) offers employers an opportunity to hire interns for a 12-16 month period.  During the internship, students will have the chance to apply the knowledge and skills they have been gaining through their classroom and co-curricular experiences at Queen’s, while making a valuable contribution to your organization.

  • Internships are 12 to 16 month, paid, professional work experiences
  • Students are eligible to participate after completing their 2nd or 3rd year of undergraduate studies
  • The program is open to students from Engineering, Computing, and Arts & Sciences

You can apply for QUIP here.

The QUIP Application Process:

Please send your QUIP application for to the Life Science and Biochemistry Program Office: electronically.  We will verify your cGPA information for the form and Dr. Louise Winn, Associate Dean of Life Sciences and Biochemistry (in lieu of an Undergraduate Chair signature) will sign your form.  Our office will then return the signed form to your Queen's email electronically.  

Want to know more about QUIP and what they offer?

For more information and how to register find us online:

Company: Role:

Sanofi Pasteur

Position Starts: January 2021

During the internship, the intern will conduct laboratory experiments i.e. Aseptic Microbiology work with minimal supervision that are scientifically valid, accurate and properly documented according to established procedures and relevant quality guidelines.



Closes Oct 06, 2020