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Submitted by liscbchmweb on 6 May 2022
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As direct entry Life Sciences Major students you would only need to participate in Plan Selection from May 16th to May 27th, for the following reasons:


  1. You wish to switch into the Biochemistry plan (Major or Specialization);
  2. You wish to switch into the Life Sciences Specialization plan;
  3. You would like to add a Minor to their existing Life Sciences Major; or
  4. You would like to switch out of the Life Sciences plan to another Science plan.


To request your Program/Plan, log into your Student Centre in SOLUS. 

Program/Plan. Selection is NOT first-come first-served and you may access the page as often as you wish. 

Please keep in mind, though, that each time you are accepted into a plan, a record of that change will be recorded on your student record and transcript.