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Fall 2020 Frequently Asked Questions

Life Sciences and Biochemistry Students, 

First, I want to thank you all for your patience and endurance during these last few months and hope that you have remained safe and healthy during these difficult circumstances. I have heard from many of your professors who were all extremely impressed with your ability to adapt to the challenges associated with the end of winter term. As you will now know the University, after careful consideration and on the advice of Public Health Officials, has announced that undergraduate classes for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences will be delivered remotely for all students in the Fall of 2020. 

Despite the fact that circumstances are evolving rapidly, we have been preparing for this scenario for some time and are confident that we will be able to offer the necessary course requirements for both the Life Sciences and Biochemistry Programs remotely. While I’m sure you are disappointed with this news, we are here to support you and will be posting details on course offerings, including virtual laboratories, well in advance of registration on our website. In addition, please continue to read our weekly updates for more information. 

I am reaffirming that we are here for you and are making every effort to ensure that your academic experience is the best possible. If you wish to have a phone conversation with me, given the remote working conditions you can send me an email with a phone number and some available times (Eastern Time) and I will call you back.

Dr. Winn

Louise Winn, PhD
Associate Dean Life Sciences and Biochemistry
Professor, Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences
& School of Environmental Studies
Queen’s University

Yes, all Life Sciences and Biochemistry core and option courses will be delivered in a remote format in Fall 2020.  The University anticipates that physical distancing recommendations will still be in place in September, and that most courses will be delivered remotely across the University in Fall 2020.

At this point we have been told that 4th year undergraduate students will not be allowed in labs in the Fall – All coordinators are working on remote expectations for the Fall. We hope that students will be back for the winter term and if needed complete their wet lab experience then. Supervisors have been asked to think about what they can offer and you are encouraged to now reach out to them to have a conversation about what your fourth year research experience could look like.

At this time, the Life Sciences and Biochemistry program courses are expected to be delivered on-campus in Winter 2021. We will continue to monitor the situation and follow the recommendations of KFL&A Public Health and government officials and will keep you updated through your Queen’s email.

We are currently weighing all options about how best to run laboratory courses in Fall 2020 and already have many ideas for virtual delivery of lab courses. For current students, we will continue to keep you updated through your Queen’s email about course updates for Fall 2020.

The Life Sciences and Biochemistry programs will not have any requirements indicating that students need to be on-campus in Fall 2020. Beyond courses, this includes any co-curricular activities that are planned, along with access to academic advisors.

If you have available accommodation for the fall term, it is your decision whether to come to Kingston or not. If you make the choice to come to Kingston, it is imperative that you follow local Public Health guidelines to help limit the spread of COVID-19 in the Kingston community and protect Kingston’s vulnerable population and healthcare workers. Click here to find out more about the current guidelines for Kingston

The Student Academic Success Services (SASS) is available to provide you with assistance in shifting to a remote learning.  We will also be in touch regarding program-specific information to help you communicate effectively with professors and peers remotely.

Course registration has been pushed to sometime in August. The goal is to post the timetable of course offerings on July 24, 2020 to allow students time to view their options.

The University will be providing guidance as to whether residences will be open, or to what degree, and which students might have access to residence units. Until that information is released, please do not assume that you will be able to obtain a residence spot.  Further information is available on the Queen’s Residence website or Queen’s Hospitality Services website respectively.


The Office of Student Community Relations can help assist students with a number of matters including support with off-campus housing issues. Please visit their website for more information:


The Alma Mater Society’s Housing Resource Centre offers additional peer support for students with housing related issues. More information on how they can help can be found at