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Research Superclusters

Research Superclusters

Harness the research strengths and organizational structures that exist within the Queen's Health Sciences (QHS) research ecosystem to establish six research superclusters. By doing this, the team can better support shared services, increase cluster-supported team grants, and promote interdisciplinary research collaboration.


  • To collaborate and organize QHS research around six superclusters to promote synergies, prevent redundancies, and propel interdisciplinary research to drive societal change 


  • Establish a common reporting structure that allows communication, inclusion and coordination across clusters ​
  • Identify, support and share core facilities and competencies​
  • Develop cross-cluster educational programs that encourage interdisciplinary research approaches​
  • Promote the coordination of research hires across clusters and academic units ​
  • Identify big research questions with the goal of increasing the numbers of funded team-based projects​
  • Create a model to support shared services​ and increase cluster-supported team grants

Supporting Strategic Priorities


Dr. Lynne-Marie Postovit