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Dr. Fabio Ynoe de Moraes wins a Young Physician Leaders Award from the National Academy of Medicine of Brazil

Dr. Fabio Ynoe de Moraes, Assistant Professor in the Department of Oncology, has been recognized by the National Academy of Medicine of Brazil as a winner of the Young Physician Leaders Award. He is one of ten recipients of this honour. 


Please congratulate Dr. Moraes on his achievement. 

A world leader in medical education teaches a course at Queen's

Dr. Olle ten Cate is a true world leader in medical education, and earlier this month Queen’s University was fortunate enough to host him as he taught his course “Ins and Outs of Entrustable Professional Activities.”

Canadian Cancer Trials Group awarded more than $25M

KINGSTON, ON, April 23, 2019 - The Canadian Cancer Trials Group (CCTG) has been awarded more than 19 million USD over six years (approximately $25 million CAD) from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Cancer Institute (NCI). This award will allow the group to continue their work leading major cancer clinical trials in Canada through the US National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN) and to develop new large scale trials under CCTG leadership.

Dr. Nazik Hammad wins 2019 Harvard Global Health Catalyst Distinguished Young Leader Award

Dr. Nazik Hammad, Associate Professor in the Department of Oncology at Queen's, has been awarded the 2019 Harvard Global Health Catalyst Distinguished Young Leader Award. She was chosen for this award based on the strength of her work in Oncology education in African countries. 

She will be presented with this award at the Global Health Catalyst Summit at Harvard University on May 24. 

Please congratulate Dr. Hammad on this well-deserved award. 

The 1918 ban of Black medical students: Addressing our past discrimination to promote diversity in the future

Last fall, my understanding of the history of the Queen’s School of Medicine changed when I learned that, in 1918, we had put in place a policy to formally ban Black students. This policy was approved in a motion by the Queen’s Senate, and it was enforced until 1965.

Jen Valberg appointed as Director, Marketing and Communications for the Faculty of Health Sciences

Denis Bourguignon, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer (CFAO) for the Faculty of Health Sciences, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jen Valberg as the Director, Marketing & Communications, Faculty of Health Sciences.

How this nursing professor is improving simulation-based education in Canada
Dr. Marin Luctkar-Flude has played a significant role in the increasing sophistication of simulation pedagogy in nursing curricula, first at Queen’s and, more recently, across Canada.
Dr. James Reynolds appointed as Chief Scientific Officer of Kids Brain Health Network

The Board of Directors of Kids Brain Health is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. James Reynolds as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of the Network. Dr. Reynolds, a Professor of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, and Associate Dean in the School of Graduate Studies at Queen’s University, has been serving as KBHN’s interim CSO since July 2018. Involved with the Network since its inception in 2009, Dr.

Fighting bias against family medicine in the hidden curriculum

For some time now, those of us who work in medical education have been speaking about the “hidden curriculum.” The hidden curriculum refers to the many different things – ideas, behaviours, norms, values, and so on – that students learn informally while they are in medical school. These are the lessons that faculty members do not set out to explicitly teach students but that we pass on nonetheless.


Dr. Heather Murray wins Chancellor A. Charles Baillie Teaching Award

Dr. Heather Murray, Associate Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine, has won the Chancellor A. Charles Baillie Award from the Queen's University Centre for Teaching and Learning. 

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