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Interprofessional Education

To read the entire IPE report for 2019-2020, please click here.

  • Leslie Flynn (chair)
  • Klodiana Kolomitro (IPE lead)
  • Cheryl Pulling
  • Rosemary Wilson
  • Theresa Suart
  • Andrea Winthrop (for 2019-2020)
  • Wiley Chung (2020-onwards)
  • Lucie Pellane
  • Melanie Law (for 2019-2020)
  • Rosemary Lysaght


Committee Responsibilities

  1. Lead the development of innocation models of IPE and contribute to knowledge creation and translation;
  2. Establish curricular and co-curricular content and design, including the development of collaborative competencies and assessment strategies in both the academic and clinical practice settings;
  3. Develop and recommend policies regarding content and curricular design to Schools and Programs;
  4. Review and evaluate the quality of a joint IPE curriculum and establish processes for continuous curriculum enhancement;
  5. Recommend adoption of IPE curricular content to curriculum committees of relevant undergraduate and graduate programs in FHS.

Interactive Lecture Series

The learning objectives for the IPE series were to:

  • Utilize principles of effective team building and shared leadership to cultivate and sustain healthy team relationships
  • Apply collaborative decision-marking principles
  • Co-create an inclusive environment for shared leadership and collaboration

Substance Use Disorder

January 27, 2020

Speakers: Adam Newman, Shannon Fraser, Meghanne Hicks

Moral Distress & Ethics

February 28, 2020

Speaker: Tracy Trothen

Virtual Interprofessional Learning Experience

When access to Health Care Professionals in clinical settings was lost due to the pandemic, the IPE team looked for ways to meet the intended learning goals through a student-to-student interactivesession. We designed an alternative virtual learning activity. The goal of the IPE shadowing experience was to learn about another health careprovider’s job and scope of practice and to be able to identify ways that Health Care Professionalswork in teams with shared responsibility for patient care. Over 170 students participated in semi-structured interviews. 

Our virtual IP learning experience has been shared online by the Association of American Medical Colleges here as part of their resource collection built in response to the pandemic's impact on clinical teaching and learning.


The interview not only allowed me to learn about other healthcare professions but also reflect on my own. I also realize how important other professions are and how we can work better in a healthcare setting.

This was arguable my favourite activity/assignment that I have done in university. It was a fantastic opportunity being able to communicae with different disciplines.