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New Coroners Course 2020

Welcome to the New Coroners Course 2020!

WHEN: Monday, November 16th, 2020 to Friday, November 20th, 2020 (inclusive)

WHERE: The course will be hosted remotely through a live web broadcast. Details will be provided in an email.

DETAILS: Registration Closed October 23, 2020

This training course is designed to train physicians how to become coroners. This requires review of the law governing a Coroner’s activities (as per the Coroner’s Act, and other relevant Legislation, the expected outcomes of a coroner’s’ investigation, the techniques used, the collaboration with other professionals (physician/law enforcement, public health, etc.), documentation, case submission, communication issues/techniques in dealing with families/professional and review of inquest proceedings. The five-day training program will involve didactic and interactive lectures as well as several small problem base learning sessions; all of which build and support the CanMEDS roles/competencies.

All participants must complete five mandatory online training modules and quiz by November 12, 2020.


The Online Coroner Training Modules will be available mid-October.

The modules were created by the Office of the Chief Coroner for Ontario in collaboration with Queen’s University Faculty of Health Sciences Course Development Unit and the Office of Professional Development and Educational Scholarship.

Do not distribute these learning modules to any learners who are not enrolled in this course as it is a direct violation of the Academic Integrity Policy. All materials in these modules are protected by copyright and must not be distributed to third party sites. Learners found in violation may face sanctions.

Each module is approximately 1 hour in length and must be completed in sequential order as content from each module builds on the previous.

To ensure you receive credit for the completion of the modules, please complete the surveys at the end of each module. A quiz will be provided once you have completed all five modules.

All online training modules and quiz must be completed by November 12, 2020.


For access to the modules, please contact: rose.jumarang@ontario.ca