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For more information or questions regarding the program please email:

OPDES.eLearningHelp@queensu.ca. Please allow 72 business hours for reply.  

**The modules function best with Google Chrome, and this is the recommended browser for the course.  Internet Explorer is not recommended**

Alberta College of Pharmacy
CCCEP Accredited

Licensee Education Program

The Alberta College of Pharmacy (ACP), with support from Queen’s University, Office of Professional Development and Educational Scholarship, has developed a Licensee Education Program and Proprietor Self-Assessment.  The program is designed to help pharmacists, licensees, and proprietors:  

  • articulate the licensee’s and proprietor’s legal responsibilities, and ACP’s expectations when operating a pharmacy, particularly regarding the authority, responsibility, and accountability of licensees, in context with current legislation;
  • use relevant resources to update and maintain knowledge about legislation and standards for operating a pharmacy; and
  • develop an understanding of the pharmacy licensee’s role: leader, manager, professional, and clinician.

The Licensee Education Program consists of two parts:

  • Part A (available now) includes readings, peer conversation and reflection, and an online module (Chapters 1-5). Part A of the program has been CCCEP-accredited for six continuing education units (CEUs).
  •  Part B (available now) will include an online module and resources (Chapters 6-7) and a self-assessment (Chapter 8). Part B has been CCCEP-accredited for four continuing education units (CEUs).

The Proprietor Self-Assessment is available now.

The Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy has accredited Part A of this program for six CEUs and Part B for four CEUs.


  • $250 for those enrolling in both Part A and Part B.  
  • $175 for those enrolling in Part B (If an individual wishes to add on completion of Part A at a later date, the cost applied will be an additional $75.), and
  • $100 for those enrolling in the Proprietor Self-Assessment.


ACP Members

Alberta College of Pharmacy members can login using their ACP username and password to enroll in the LEP or Proprietor Self-Assessment.

ACP Member Login


Please email us at OPDES.eLearningHelp@queensu.ca to register.