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About us

Our mission is to provide challenging and innovative interprofessional educational opportunities, to meet the learning needs of healthcare practitioners in our region, to promote evidence-informed, cost-effective, collaborative, patient-centred healthcare.

What we offer

  • Accreditation and certification of programs
  • Co-development and event support of live events
  • Orientation for new faculty & essential skills training to all faculty
  • Conducting needs assessments and consultations

Content of CPD

The content of Continuing Professional Development activities consists of scientific and applied education involving healthcare information known and accepted by healthcare practitioners, with the intention to inform best practices as it relates to human beings aimed to benefit the overall discipline of health sciences, and delivery of care in its multitude of forms. Continuing education activities apply exclusively to healthcare practitioners which are designed to guide said individuals in carrying out their professional responsibilities more effectively, and achieve competency in assorted healthcare subject matters.

Faculty Development

Preparing Faculty for their current and future roles through skill development.

The Faculty Development office exists to aid faculty in attaining the skills relevant to their roles as educators, researchers, administrators and scholars. We believe that these efforts will help to sustain the vitality of the Faculty of Health Sciences both now and in the future and help us to attain the Faculty vision. Programs are open to both full-time and adjunct faculty teaching in the Faculty of Health Sciences.