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On Vacation

After a long few months, I am on vacation! I am leaving the dean’s office in the capable hands of my Executive Vice Dean, Iain Young, and I’m taking off. Our plans are to chill out and relax in Kingston for a week. Then Cheryl, I and our youngest son Gabe are off to London, England. We are going to attend Gabe’s graduation ceremony from his Master’s degree in political science at the University of Essex. He is planning on attending Queen Mary University of London law school next year, so Cheryl and I will be assisting him in finding a place to live in London. We expect that will be a challenge! Go figure, parents helping their kid find a place to live. Sound familiar to anyone?

We love London and we will be sure to take in some museums and some shows. In fact we are staying in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, which is right next to Covent Garden, by far and away our favourite part of the city.

Then it’s back to Toronto to see our daughter Joanna (the lawyer) and her boyfriend Jordan (the scientist) and our son Josh (works for Aviva Canada) and his girlfriend Laura (works for Scotiabank). We will also spend a day with my mom Rita. Then it’s off to Cambridge, Ontario to visit Cheryl’s parents, Bob and Bernice. After that, it’s back to Kingston.

And Jake? He will be well taken care of by Martha, at Martha’s Menagerie in Harrowsmith. It’s absolutely the best place for a dog to be in the summer; sort of like summer camp for a dog!

I’ll get back to blogging in August. In the meantime, if you have any special summer plans, respond to the blog…or better yet, please come by the Macklem House, my door will be open, and my Executive Assistant, Kris Bowes will be there. But not me!



Bill Moore (Meds ' 62, Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Mon, 07/10/2017 - 14:14

Richard, thanks for telling us about your well deserved break for good times with family. I hope many Queen’s people make preparing your Dean On Campus Blog worth the effort. I do and appreciate the links you provide. I am especially glad that you addressed Physician Assisted Dying and the statement by the Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians last week. As some of us hear about their classmates, relatives or friends who have died or may be getting close to doing so, I am increasingly a firm supporter of Palliative Care for support, access, and training, whether it is in Canada, the US or elsewhere. Enjoy your time away from all you do for Health Sciences at Queen’s!

Bill Moore (Meds ' 62, Columbus, Ohio, USA)


Thanks for the kind words and the endorsement of our need, as a medical community, to encourage dialogue in the issue of assisted dying. Hope your summer is going well.


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