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Meet the latest cohort of Faculty of Health Sciences students

Meet the latest cohort of Faculty of Health Sciences students

If the colours, cheering and clusters of students moving through campus and taking over city park last week didn’t give it away, a new cohort of students have started their studies at Queen’s.

This fall is a special time for the Faculty of Health Sciences – the majority of our 64 programs across the School of Rehabilitation Therapy, School of Nursing and School of Medicine welcome students to campus, or online, for their first term. Where nursing was the only undergraduate class that we welcomed to campus in the past, this year we have a brand new undergraduate class: the bachelor of health sciences (BHSc).

The BHSc program was conceived of five years ago. We imagined building a program that would give high school graduates a pathway to the healthcare professions: medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, rehabilitation therapy, and a direct pathway to careers in the healthcare sector, in government and in research.

But we didn’t want to just do a regular old health sciences degree. We enlisted our brightest faculty members to design courses that are competency-based, meaning that our students develop tangible skills through each module, and they are assessed based on those abilities; not just what they memorized in a textbook. And three years ago, we put all of those courses online, offering Canada’s first fully-online BHSc degree.

Fast forward to today, and we are thrilled to be translating our cutting edge curriculum to an on-campus degree. Dr. Michael Adams, the program’s director, and his team are extremely proud of the curriculum and constantly working on it to make it relevant both in terms of content and in our pedagogical approach. In their time at Queen’s, our BHSc students will spend time using flipped classrooms, learning in laboratories, doing hands-on research and most importantly, taking advantage of the interprofessional expertise right inside our faculty.

As the dean, I usually get the opportunity to address our incoming classes. And what I tell them all is this: the one thing I know for sure after leading this faculty for the last nine years – no other programs, whether it’s nursing, medicine or rehabilitation therapy, are as tight-knit as ours. And walking through campus last week, hearing the singing and cheering, I have no doubt that the BHSc class of 2023 will be the same. What starts as a room full of strangers, over four years, becomes a room full of close friends and a support network built through challenges, successes and the moments in between. 

Our communications team was hard at work last week capturing some of the magic of orientation week – and those new friendships being formed – and I am thrilled to be able to introduce you to some of our new Nursing and BHSc students. Watch the videos to get a sense of what brought these bright young students to Queen’s.

And now it’s our turn to welcome them to our Faculty. Please share your words of wisdom for our newest students by commenting on the blog, or better yet, tag @QueensUHealth on twitter with your best advice for our new students. I know they will be happy to hear it.

Bill Moore, Med '62

Wed, 09/11/2019 - 16:51

I wish all the best for BHSc '23 students in such an innovative curriculum. They have countless opportunities in needed healthcare professions. I look forward to blogs featuring Rehabilitation Therapy and Medicine and am glad to see such cutting-edge progress at Queen's.

Bill Moore, Med '62

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