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FHS Gratitude Gram Wall

FHS Gratitude Gram Wall

Gratitude Grams

To: Christine, Kim and Tammy,

Thank you for everything you do on a daily basis.  You are all very supportive and great colleagues to have. Very much appreciated!


From Kate

To: Staffing and HR team

Thank you for all of your support and positive attitude through this extremely busy time of year. You continue to be great and your hard work does not go unnoticed!

From: Joel

To: UGME Administrative Staff

I am incredibly grateful to work with such dedicated staff - thank you very much for all that you do and for always going above and beyond!

From: Jacqueline

To: The House @20 Barrie St

You are a little creaky and when it's humid you kinda smell like a wet dog...but inside you house the best team ever!

From: The ghost in the attic

To: Angela Geris

Dear Angela: Thank you for all your help on all our files. I love working with you and even though some of the files are complicated it is always a pleasure to address these with you! You're a rockstar!

From: Anita Ng (Department of Medicine)

To: Danielle Claus & her team (Giselle, Kathleen et al)

Thank you so much for all your advocacy and guidance on complicated Department recruitment issues. Your always thoughtful support is so very appreciated; we couldn't do what we do without you!

From: Anita Ng (Department of Medicine)

To: Joel Gillis

Thank you for all your help with what seems to be never-ending recruitment in our Department! You are always so responsive and patient. We love to work with you!

From: Anita & Jen (Department of Medicine)

To: Olivia Bowles & Melissa Joynt

Olivia - congratulations on your new gig and thank you for all you have done for us while we were part of your portfolio. Melissa - thank you in advance for helping us with all our HR queries and issues!

From: Anita & Jen (Department of Medicine)

To: Patti Evaristo

Patti - thank you for your friendship and your support. I always look around me to see who I can learn from to be a better person and you are one of those people. You are great at what you do and thank you for all your help.

From: Anita Ng (Department of Medicine)

To: School of Nursing Front Office Staff

Thank you for being so welcoming to me, and so great to work with! (Also, thank you for the frequent baked goods).

To: SEAMO Team

Giselle, Kathleen, Lacey and LeeAnne
I am so lucky to work with such a great team! You all play an important role in the success of SEAMO and I value you immensely.

From: Danielle

To: BHSc Team in Botterell Hall

Roses are red, violets are blue,
You may be a street apart from us,
But we appreciate all the work that you do!

From: BHSc Team in Abramsky Hall

To: School of Nursing Staff

Thank you for all the work that you do for the students, faculty, and staff for everything you do to keep the School of Nursing running every day.

From: Jennifer Medves and Allison Mackey

To: Administrators Extraordinaire, FHS

Even though we mostly only know each other through email, you all enrich the work I do. I especially enjoy the opportunities we have to chat on the phone while trying to wrangle the troops to meet. The connections we have make my days so much brighter. Thank you for your professionalism, warmth and good humour!

From: Carolyn Powell, Head's office, Department of Family Medicine

To: Emergency Medicine Administrative Team

Thank you for the warm welcome you have given me to the Department of Emergency Medicine. You each go above and beyond for our Department and we are lucky to have you!

From: Jill

To: Joel Gillis

Thank you Joel for your kindness, patience and sense of humour as you walk me through all things 'Faculty' in my new role! You make picking up the phone to ask questions easy!

From: Jill McCreary

To: Clayton Shorrock and Max Gillis

You are guys are awesome!!
Honestly two of the hardest working guys I have ever had the pleasure of working with, you keep things running smoothly and you go beyond to make it happen!

From: K. McKegney

To: Tammy Henry

Thank you for your positive energy and your truly kind spirit!! We are grateful for you Tammy

From: The Staffing Office

To: Adrianna Gencarelli

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!
You are always so gracious and cheerful and going beyond your duties to make things work! Your help in keeping me up to date and organized..makes it so much easier to get through the days! Thank you!

From: K.McKegney

To: Department of Medicine Central Admin Team & Department of Medicine Secretaries

Thank you for all you do for the doctors and residents in the Department of Medicine.  We couldn’t do it without all your hard work! 

From: Dr. Stephen Archer and Dr. Stephen Vanner

To: Front Office Staff at School of Nursing - Cindy, Carla, Justine, and Mary

I am thankful each day to work with each and every one of you!
I am so lucky to work with such a great group of ladies!

From: Lana

To: SEAMO Physicians and Department Staff

Thank you to our amazing physicians for all your hard work in providing care, teaching students, performing research, serving on committees, and everything else that's asked of you. And thank you to all the staff working in the clinical departments - we'd be lost without you!

From: SEAMO Staff Team

To: Carrie Fraser, SOM Finance

I am so grateful for your guidance and expertise since my first day here at Queen’s!  You are definitely a gem and one of the greatest assets the School of Medicine has!

Thank you Thank you Thank you for all you do going above and beyond to help and guide all of us department administrators.

From: Trish Sherwin, Department of Otolaryngology

To: Maureen Kane

Maureen, thank you for always being our rock at the PT clinic.  This place couldn't run without you!

From: Graeme, Alison, Mike, Michael, Mat, Tara, & Chad

To: Our Neuroscience Graduate Students

To our amazing neuroscience graduate students who put so much time and effort into enriching the student life at Queen’s.  Thank you for making the Neuroscience Program the huge success it is.  You make coming to work an absolute pleasure.

From: The Centre for Neuroscience Studies

To: The Physical Therapy Program Faculty

I feel privileged to work with all of you. What a remarkable team!

From: Your colleague

To: The Professional Development & Educational Scholarship Team

Thank you for creating a fun, exciting place to work; it is clear you care deeply about your work and your teammates. We can’t walk up the sidewalk without being stopped by someone in the faculty and complimented on the great job you do. We are lucky to work alongside such dedicated professionals who also know how to have a little fun along the way.

From Richard, Jenn, Nancy, Terry, Kate

To: Alison Infante

We are so fortunate to have part of the surgery team. Not only are you always looking out for the best interest of our dept Head and all our members, but you are especially looking out for me. I am grateful to have your constant and unwavering support.

From: Caroline 

To: The Staff in the School of Nursing

Thanks to each and every one of you for your work to support the School and each other.  Thanks for your dedication and positivity.  Most of all, thanks for your love of potlucks, teas and baked goods!  You are a great team and the School is fortunate to have each one of you on board.

From: Your secret admirer

To: Kat Brennan-Rowcliffe of DBMS

Thank you for dropping everything and fixing our photocopier (and all the other things you do so well). You are awesome!

From: Katherine Rudder

To: Jane Gordon, School of Medicine

Thank you for all the assistance, patience and humour you bring to our often crazy work days.  You help make our days a little bit brighter!

From: Val Doiron and Kris Bowes

To: Allison Leverette

Thanks, Allison for keeping me organized. It has made a huge difference!

From: Brian

To: Gladys Smith 

Thank you for being indisputably the best executive assistant I have ever had, not to mention the only one. You have been a phenomenal asset to me and the research program of the FHS.

From: Roger 

To: Dr. Marcia Finlayson, Director of the School of Rehabilitation Therapy (SRT)

As our fearless leader, you have lead us to new heights through the innovations of novel programs and the mentorship with our research and teaching. We are lucky to have you! 

From: A SRT faculty member 

To: Kris Bowes and Office of Regional Education

I am so lucky to work with you, you made me feel very welcome in my new role. You are so knowledgeable and a great team.

From: Dr. Ruzica Jokic 

To: Sharon David, Erika Beresford-Kroeger, Caitlin MacDonald, and Emily Cornfield

Thank you for stepping up and filling in when the School of Rehabilitation Therapy was experiencing a staff shortage. You kept us running! 

To: Allison

You are a rockstar at anticipating other’s in need! Thank you for being so proactive and helpful. You are great to work with.

To: DMBS Staff

What can I say? You have been extraordinary in support of me throughout my term. I am so lucky to have worked with you. You are all amazing!

From: Michael Adams

To: Caroline Burke

You are the glue that binds us and the energy the moves us. 

From: The Department of Surgery 

To: Office of Professional Development and Education Scholarship

I want to thank everyone in this unit for the incredible work that you do for the FHS. Your skill and expertise are evident in everything you do. Sincere thanks!

From: Leslie Flynn

To: Denis Bourguignon

I am so lucky to have Canada’s best CFAO working here at FHS.

From: Richard

To: Katherine Rudder

Thank you for everything you to keep the life sciences program running smoothly. The students and I all appreciate your efforts!

From: Louise Winn

To: Dean Reznick’s assistants

I am grateful for how on top of everything you are. Kate and Kim’s hard work helps make the faculty fun.

To: Kevin McKegney & The Building Operations Team

Thank you for keeping our building and entrances safe despite the wintery conditions this year.

To: Jackie Moore and Kayla Desloges

Thank you for all of your work on the Employee Engagement Committee! You are making FHS a great place to work!

From: Laura

To: Allison Leverette

Thank you for your assistance- your help is greatly appreciated

From: Michael K.

To: Erica Holgate

Thank you for volunteering to be the first FHS Hockey coach!

From: Laura