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TIME Uniweb is Now Live

Translational Institute of Medicine Logo

The Translational Institute of Medicine (TIME) is proud to announce that its  new web-based research networking tool called TIME UNIWeb is live!  This user-friendly online platform helps seamlessly connect researchers and research groups with shared research interests at Queen’s University. Over 200 researchers and scholars have already signed up. Many members have already loaded their profiles, have established their connectivity creating research communities,  and it is rapidly growing every day.    

The Translational Institute of Medicine is a virtual institute that the Department of Medicine has supported and created in order to capture the far-reaching network of translational medicine at Queen’s University.  The goal of TIME is to maximize sharing of expertise and the  state-of-the-art research tools  that are siloed in research groups across the university. TIME hopes to unite these silos to increase collaboration and cross-pollinate research projects and ideas.

The goal of TIME UNIWeb is twofold. First and foremost, this easy to use platform helps to provide a comprehensive network, connecting researchers and encouraging research collaboration.  Being able to see who has a specific research focus, and how to reach them, puts endless collaboration possibilities into the hands of UNIWeb Users.  This network map is easy to populate as researchers tag their research interests when setting up their UNIWeb Profiles. By tagging their research focus the network automatically populates therfore providing the user a comprehensive database of contacts.

Secondly, TIME UNIWeb has created a unique “Platforms” section which allows the TIME UNIWeb user to determine what equipment is available, how to access it, and even who to contact if specialized users are required to run the equipment.  This visual platform map means that researchers know where to look for specialized equipment and this database will hopefully reduce duplication of equipment across campus. Access to equipment can be done through collaboration on a research project and/or on a fee for service basis.

TIME UNIWeb users are able to set up a “shopfront” of sorts for their research, advertising their research expertise, tools and equipment and the highly qualified personnel that work in their laboratories.  One unique tool for TIME UNIWeb is the ability to update the CV function directly from the users Canadian Common Curriculum Vitae (CCV) and other sources such as NCBI and Pubmed.  This user-friendly interface is a time-saver for those who have a complex research CV.

Those who do not have a TIME UNIWeb profile of their own are still able to peruse the online platform and view the profiles of current users to find out what is available in terms of research at Queen’s.  Bringing research and infrastructure to the forefront with this tool allows easy navigation for new faculty, staff and those within the research community both internally and externally to Queen’s to familiarize themselves with the complex world of research at Queen’s.  By being able to identify the “Who’s who” of research, TIME UNIWeb opens up a new world of collaborative possibilities. Stay tuned for the official launch of TIME UNIWeb and TIME this fall!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the TIME team.