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Tuition & Fees

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Tuition and fees are subject to change by the Queen's University Board of Trustees. For up-to-date fees and payment schedules, refer to the Queen’s University Registrar’s Office Tuition and Fees website. All questions pertaining to programs fees should be directed to the Queen’s University Registrar's Office at or by phone at (613) 533-2040. Fees listed below are per year and the MScHQ program is a two (2) year program.

Domestic Students*

2021-22 Tuition
$13,668.34 CAD

International Students

2021-22 Tuition
$26,373.67 CAD

HQRS 840 Intensive Week**

(First Year)

$1,550.00 CAD

HQRS 846 Intensive Week**

(Second Year)

$1,550.00 CAD

*Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents, Residents, Indigenous Peoples, and Exempt International Students.

**This fee is subject to change pending Board of Trustee approval 

Please note part time programs are not eligible for OSAP funding. While our program does not currently offer any scholarship or grant opportunities at this time, we keep an updated list of potential external funding options here, for those interested.