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The Master of Science in Healthcare Quality (MScHQ) Program is delivered on a part-time basis over two (2) years by an interdisciplinary team from the Faculties of Health Sciences, Law, and Engineering as well as the Smith School of Business and School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University. This team of experts in the areas of quality, risk and safety will provide learners with a unique opportunity to link theoretical foundations with practical application.

The MScHQ Program delivers online synchronous sessions and asynchronous teaching. It is expected that students will attend the intensive weeks and synchronous session to participate in group activities. Teamwork is an integral component of the program and promotes dialogue on the key issues as outlined in the team assignments. Team-based learning fosters an environment where you can learn from faculty, team members and class members. Group composition is determined by the faculty teaching the course.

Year One Intensive Week (July/August) Fall Term (September-December) Winter Term (January-April) Summer Term (May-July)
HQRS 840 HQRS 841 HQRS 844 HQRS 847
Year Two Intensive Week (July/August) Fall Term (September-December) Winter Term (January-April) Summer Term (May-August)
HQRS 846 HQRS 845 HQRS 842 HQRS 898