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HQRS 900 Philosophy of Health Quality Science
The course examines the major philosophical traditions that have influenced the generation of knowledge related to the science of quality and improvement through empirical, interpretive and critical paradigms. It includes a critical analysis of world views, truth, theoretical perspectives, and constructs within and across disciplines, with an emphasis on relationships between philosophy, theory, research and practice toward the generation of new knowledge.

HQRS 901: Research and Theory of Change Management and Leadership
This course examines concepts in change management and leadership as related to improving the quality of healthcare delivery. Discussion will focus on contemporary issues in healthcare delivery with an examination of change management and leadership theory and principles. The theory and principles will be applied to organizational culture, the influence of policies, and the implementation and evaluation of best practices to advance healthcare safety.

HQRS 902: Qualitative Methods for Research in Health Quality
This course prepares students to advance knowledge in the area of quality improvement using qualitative approaches. Topics addressed include the historical and philosophical foundations of qualitative research, research design, data collection, analysis, interpretation and knowledge translation.

HQRS 903: Quantitative Methods for Research in Health Quality
This course prepares students to advance knowledge in the area of quality improvement using quantitative methods. It focuses on conceptualizing research, measurement, design, sampling and reliability of measures. Emphasis is placed on the appropriateness of design for the level of theoretical knowledge available and the nature of the research problem to be investigated.

HQRS 904: Internship in Health Quality
The internship involves a placement in an organization where research and theory on quality can be applied in a practical environment. The internship will be developed jointly with the organization and the learner and will require approval from the course supervisor and program director.

HQRS 905: Current Topics in Health Quality 
A required doctoral course for all year two PhD in Health Quality students. This course will present current topics in health quality. Topics will be identified each year in collaboration with the learning needs identified by students. Potential topics may include the following: cyber security of sensitive data, leading and project management of large scale improvement, global issues in quality improvement, metrics, politics of change, laws and liability, transitions in care, implementing, spreading and sustaining improvement across health systems, funding and resources for improvement, knowledge dissemination and implementation, co-designing improvement projects with patients and families, person centered care, social determinants of health, aging, Indigenous Communities, and mental health and addictions. The course will include seminars, presentations from visiting scholars with sessions held every other week throughout the year.

HQRS 999: Thesis