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Health Quality Programs is established with an intentionally interdisciplinary team of students and faculty. As such, the faculty list on our website is not exhaustive of all potential supervisors for prospective PhDHQ students. Prospective students are encouraged to look at faculty research profiles within our department as well as faculty in related fields to find an appropriate match. Please read the information below before contacting a potential supervisor or filling out the Prospective Supervisor Form at the bottom of the page.

Should I connect with potential supervisors before applying?

Due to high volume of prospective students to the PhDHQ program, it is not possible for our faculty to speak with each applicant prior to applying. Successful applicants will be contacted directly by a supervisor they are matched with in February/March, during or shortly after the admissions adjudication period. It is encouraged that prospective students complete the Prospective Supervisor Form to:

  • Identify prospective supervisor(s)
  • State why you are interested in working with this supervisor and how working with this supervisor would be a good fit for yourself and your research
  • Briefly outline how you could contribute to this supervisor's current research 


Do I have to complete the Prospective Student Form?*

Identifying prospective supervisors is not mandated to receive an offer of admission. This form is intended to aid adjudicators in the supervisory matching process and identifying research you are passionate about. This form is also designed for prospective students to have an opportunity to communicate their supervisor preference (especially if it is someone outside of out department).

*Please note that supervisors will only connect with prospective students once they have made it through the initial stage of adjudication.

How do I know if the PhDHQ program is a good fit?

It's important to consider what you want to be an expert in when you graduate in four (4) years from any PhD program. Consider where you want to position yourself and what specific area of focus you are seeking recognition. If your answer is that you want to be an expert in health quality, this is likely the correct program for you!



Dr. Kim Sears with one of her PhDHQ students