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Frequently Asked Questions PhDHQ

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Are the courses offered online?

Yes, the majority of courses are held weekly on interactive videoconferencing software. You are required to sign into class once a week for 2.5-3 hours. There are two (2) in-person intensive weeks in the program; you would need to attend one (1) intensive week (5 days) in September of your 1st year and one (1) intensive week in January of your 1st year of the program as well.

What is the time commitment required to complete the course work in general?
The average graduate course takes approximately 9-12 hours of reading/ preparation each week. Depending on how fast you read and comprehend the information, this time may vary. Subsequent classes will be conducted virtually and offered every week (alternating between the two courses) and are scheduled to run Thursdays from 7:00 pm -10:00 pm EST.

Does the program run year-round for four (4) years?
Yes, the program runs year-round for four (4) years. You would finish your final program course between May-September and graduate in November.

Can I accelerate through the program?
No. This program is a full-time online program with no option to accelerate.

Are there any funding opportunities for PhDHQ students?

At Queen's University, PhDHQ students will receive a guaranteed minimum funding package of $18,000 CAD* in the first year of their studies. In years two (2) to four (4), PhDHQ students are eligible for a guaranteed minimum of $10,000 CAD per year. Funding packages are for full-time doctoral students and require students to remain in good standing. The funding package is typically comprised of a combination of internal and external awards as well as Teaching and Research Assistantships, if applicable. For more information, please see their website.

In addition to the guaranteed minimum funding package for each year, eligible international doctoral students will also receive the "International Tuition Award" (or equivalent) valued at $5,000 CAD. This tuition differential aids fees paid by international sutdents to be reduced to (almost) equivalent to domestic tuition. For more information, you can read about it here under the drop down "International Students."

*Funding packages for graduate students can be used to pay tuition fees, travel, living expenses, books and costs associated with the internship.

Do I have to apply for the awards mentioned in the Queen's University Minimum Funding Guarantee for Eligible Doctoral Students? 
There are awards that Health Quality Programs will nominate you for if you meet the criteria for the award. You do not have to apply for the initial $18,000 CAD in funding as the HQ Program will put students forward for entry scholarships based on marks and their CVs. There will be opportunities in upper years to apply for awards but for the initial year you do not have to apply. A list of awards for upper year students to apply for will be circulated and you and your supervisors should discuss the awards that you should be applying for and help prepare the applications. 

Am I required to hold a Teaching Assistantship? 
The expectation is that you would complete one (1) teaching assistantship (TA) per year as part of your funding package. If you decide not to take the TA position it will reduce your funding package by $3,000 CAD. The TA position is one term and you are encouraged to TA any course you are interested in regardless of experience. For a list of all courses, please click here.

Are accommodations covered during the intensive week?
Students are responsible for their own travel, meals, and accommodations for the intensive weeks.

Is the MScHQ degree required to apply for the PhDHQ? 
The MScHQ degree is not a prerequisite for the PhDHQ. Those eligible to apply must hold a master's level degree, in any discipline, from an accredited university.

What locations are acceptable for the internship?
Your internship location can be in your geographical locations and should suit your interests. The internship is intended to expand the knowledge of an individual student and so we would not encourage an internship in the place where you work. If the internship is at your place of work, it must be a different scope than your current position. More information regarding internships will be distributed during the first intensive week.

Is the summer internship something feasible for a part-time working professional, or is there an expectation that it is full-time for the 200 hours?
The internship would be suitable for a part-time working professional.

What are the career prospects for new graduates?
Please see the career paths section on our website or contact the program ( if you would like to speak with a current student/ MScHQ alumni about HQ programs.

Where can I go to learn more about the PhDHQ Program?
You can check out our Facebook , TwitterLinkedIN , and Instagram pages to learn about program updates as well as watch our introduction video on YouTube. You can also contact us ( if you have more questions or to request to connect with an alumni.