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Teaching Awards

Health Sciences Education Award:

Recognizes excellence in teaching.

Nomination Procedure:

Students and Peers can nominate a candidate by completing the nomination form and submitting it electronically by the deadline indicated on the form. Note: In order to be eligible, the candidate must have faculty status. Both full-time faculty and part-time faculty are eligible.

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Nomination Criteria:

The award has been established to recognize excellence in a range of teaching methods (small group, seminar, one on one supervision, lecture etc), course or curriculum design, course organization, development of learning resources education technology, evaluation and innovation.

Selection Process:

The committee will review and rank each application containing supporting documentation to ascertain whether the material exhibits excellence in teaching, a new or innovative approach, informed by external sources e.g. literature, and evidence of an impact on student learning. In making their selection the Committee will place emphasis on innovative approaches in education and ensuring that the teaching method or innovation is clearly linked to research studies and literature concerning the methods and activities of teaching.

Presentation of Award:

The successful nominees will receive a plaque and congratulatory letter from the Dean, Faculty of health Sciences. This will be presented at the annual Faculty of Health Sciences awards reception that is held in late spring.


Applications must be submitted electronically to: carolyn.scott.lee@queensu.ca

CAME Certificate of Merit Award


Nomination letters and accompanying teaching dossiers are to be sent as one pdf file to carolyn.scott.lee@queensu.ca by November 1, 2019. If you do not have the nominee's teaching dossier, the office will request it of the nominee. 

The objective of this award is to promote, recognize and reward faculty committed to medical education in Canadian medical schools and to promote CAME at each of the Canadian medical schools. The CAME Certificate of Merit Award consists of a certificate and the opportunity to write an article for the CAME Voice. The number of awards to be given in any year will be determined by the CAME Executive on an annual basis. 

The initial nomination must be made by a CAME member. Members currently serving on the CAME Executive, CAME Board of Directors or the CAME Awards Committee are not eligible as nominees. Nominations must be formally resubmitted each year to be considered. 

The award recipients will be recognized at the annual CAME Luncheon in conjunction with the Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME).

The criteria for selection are as follows:

  1. All contributors to medical education in each school are eligible (Undergraduate, Postgraduate, CME/CPD and Faculty Development). Recipients need not be members of CAME.
  2. Recipients will have made a contribution to medical education deemed to be valuable within their medical school (teaching, assessment, evaluation, educational leadership, course co-ordination, education, research). 
  3. Recipients should not have already been nationally awarded for this contribution.
  4. Members currently serving on the CAME Executive, CAME Board of Directors or the CAME Awards Committee are not eligible. 

Past CAME Certificate of Merit Award Recipients

  • 2019: Dr. Andrew Hall, Dr. Laura A. McEwen
  • 2018: Dr. David Taylor, Dr. Randy Wax
  • 2017: Dr. Amy Acker, Dr. Louise Rang
  • 2016: Dr. Melanie T. Jaeger, Dr. J. Damon Dagnone
  • 2015: Dr. Mala Joneja, Dr. Karen Schultz
  • 2014: Dr. Robert J. Connelly, Dr. Michelle C. Gibson
  • 2013: Dr. Ted Ashbury, Dr. Heather Murray
  • 2012: Dr. Christopher Smith, Dr. Daniel Howes
  • 2011: Dr. Lindsay Davidson, Dr. Jane Griffiths
  • 2010: Dr. Henry Averns, Dr. Robert Siemens
  • 2009: Dr. Jessica Burjorjee, Dr. Robert Reid
  • 2008: Dr. Stephanie Baxter, Dr. Ross Walker
  • 2007: Dr. Gregory A. L. Davies, Dr. John Matthews
  • 2006: Dr. Catherine de Metz, Dr. Jennifer McKenzie
  • 2005: Dr. Christine Collier, Dr. Ben Chen
  • 2004: Dr. Dale Mercer
  • 2003: Dr. Diane Delva
  • 2002: Dr. Susan Moffatt