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Terms of Reference


Membership is comprised of the Director's, or their delegate, of the Schools of Medicine, Nurisng and Rehabilitation Therapy; one student representative, or their delegate, from each of the three Schools, the Chair of Faculty Board, and the Secretary to Board will serve as Secretary to Executive.

Meeting Frequency
Meetings of the Executive Committee will occur monthly, or as required.

Operation of Committee

  • An agenda and attachments will be forwarded to all Board Executive members one-week prior to the meeting of Executive.
  • Minutes will be kept of all meetings of Executive.
  • The agenda, attachments and minutes will be posted on the Faculty Board website for all faculty , staff and students to view.
  • The Committee may invite visitors to attend if it is felt that their attendance would help in the deliberations of the committee.

Items for Executive Approval

  • Acting upon the delegated authority of Faculty Board, Faculty Board Exectutive can consider:
  1. Any item approved by the Academic Council of Medicine, Nursing, Rehabilitation Therapy or Graduate Council
  2. Any items of an emergency nature that requires a time sensitive decision of Faculty Board.

Created and Approved at February 2, 2012 Faculty Board