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CBME Webinar Series "The CBME Core Components Framework: A Practical Guide for Planning and Evaluating your Competency-based Program".




SOM Room 021
School Medicine building, Kingston, Ontario, K7L3N6, Canada
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Presenter: Elaine Van Melle

Elaine Van Melle, PhD, Senior Education Scientist, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons .

Often creating a robust program of assessment is the primary focus when transitioning to a  competency-based program. Competency-based medical education however, also challenges us to design learning experiences immersed in clinical practice, create the conditions for learners to take ownership of their learning and tailor instruction to individual learner needs. This webinar will provide a framework that can be used to plan and evaluate a comprehensive CBME program. It is argued that only in embracing such a holistic approach will we realize the true promise of CBME. 

Please join us for a group viewing and discussion of this webinar.

The discussion will be facilitated by Dr. Leslie Flynn.