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Strategic Plan 2016-2018

In the Fall of 2015 the CPD Office began a formal process of working with our CPD Advisory Committee to update our three-year strategic plan. The former strategic plan (2012-2015) was created in collaboration with members of the CPD Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee is composed of 13 key stakeholders within the Faculty of Health Sciences community and includes faculty from the Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Rehabilitation Therapy, and healthcare professionals practicing in LHIN 10.

The strategic plan was originally developed in 2012 through interviewing members of the Advisory Committee and other key stakeholders, ongoing discussions with members of the CPD Office, and referencing key documents (CACME Accreditation Standards, 2010; CACME Feedback, 2009; CPD Office Accreditation Report, 2007; CPD Strategic Plan, 2006-2009; Faculty of Health Sciences Strategic Framework, 2012; School of Medicine Strategic Plan, 2012-2016; School of Rehabilitation Therapy Strategic Plan, 2007-2012).

The questions posed during the interviews included:

  1. What are the current strengths of CPD?
  2. What are the current weaknesses of CPD?
  3. What do you consider the core values of the CPD? (core values = qualities that represent the highest priorities of the CPD office)
  4. What do you believe should be the goals of CPD over the next 3 years to meet the CPD’s mission?
  5. How could each goal be met?

Through the strategic planning process, the following CPD strategic directions which include core values, goals, objectives, and implementation strategies, were developed:

  1. Lifelong learning
  2. Innovation
  3. Interprofessional education
  4. Collaborative practice
  5. Highest quality care
  6. Accountability
  7. Sustainability
  8. Evidence-informed practice

A draft of the updated strategic plan was presented at the Advisory Committee meetings held on January 18, 2016,  where it was discussed, refined and revised. The final draft was then approved by the Advisory Committee which culminated in this 2016–2018 Strategic Plan.

Strategic Goals, Objectives and Implementation Strategy

The strategic planning process resulted in the emergence of five strategic goals that built on the mission statement. For the purpose of this Strategic Plan, the mission statement has been divided into three priority areas:

Mission Statement Part 1 (MS1):
To provide challenging and innovative interprofessional educational programs
Mission Statement Part 2 (MS2):
To meet the learning needs of the health care practitioners in our region
Mission Statement Part 3 (MS3):
To promote evidence-informed, cost-effective, collaborative patient-centred healthcare

Given that the strategic plan describes how the CPD will fulfill its mission, each strategic goal described below is linked to the mission statement. The goals include defined objectives and implementation strategies.

Strategic Goal 1:
Provide best CPD practices through planning and implementing effective programs (MS1, MS2)
Strategic Goal 2:
Foster interprofessional education (IPE) and collaborative practice (MS1, MS3)
Strategic Goal 3:
Integrate innovative instructional design strategies into all programs (MS1, MS2, MS3)
Strategic Goal 4:
Engage in scholarship through research and innovation in CPD (MS2, MS3)
Strategic Goal 5:
Move toward a model of sustainability (MS3)

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