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Celebrating Giving Tuesday

Celebrating Giving Tuesday

This year, I was introduced to the idea of Giving Tuesday. It’s a simple idea, one that is timed to fall four days after Black Friday, and it captures what I’d venture to say is the real ‘spirit’ of the season. Calling it the ‘opening day of the giving season’ (whereas Black Friday opens the ‘shopping season’), Giving Tuesday calls itself a global movement of individuals and organizations that believe that everyone whether a large or small donor has a role in helping solve challenges at a local and global level.1

Giving Tuesday came to fruitition in 2012. “Seeing an opportunity to channel the generous spirit of the holiday season to inspire action around charitable giving, a group of friends and partners, came together to find ways to promote and celebrate the […] tradition of giving.”

This day of giving is now celebrated in countries around the world, and this year we’ll be celebrating it here at Queen’s and in the Faculty of Health Sciences. Many of the fantastic initiatives that we have within our three schools are the direct result of the support of donors who believe in the work that we do.

Nursing alumni will hear about Michelle Robinson (right) who participated in the 2014 Queen’s Summer Innovation Initiative (QSII). Together with three other students, she started Givway & Co., a backpack manufacturer with a social conscience: for every backpack sold, the company donates one to a person in need in our community.

This year, donations to The School of Nursing 75th Anniversary Fund will contribute to Queen’s exceptional learning environment and support our students. This Fund will help attract and support talented students like Michelle, purchase the latest equipment and develop new technologies and teaching initiatives.

Our Rehabilitation Therapy Alumni will hear about the inaugural Functional Anatomy Boot Camp (left), a program designed to help prepare incoming students for entry into the fall’s academic programs. Occupational and physical therapy students left this program with a base of learning and confidence with which to start their fall academic program.

Rehabilitation Therapy Alumni will be asked to support the Student Experience Fund which provides grants to help students meet the accommodation and travel expenses associated with fieldwork placements. An exciting and integral component of the curriculum, clinical placements can become a financial burden to students who are required to cover their own personal expenses.

The Medical School Excellence Fund, which is resourced annually by donations from our alumni and used to invest in emerging opportunities and student focused priorities, supported the School’s first Surgical Skills and Technology Elective Program (SSTEP). Organized by second-year medical students, SSTEP gave students the opportunity to build and reinforce foundational surgical knowledge and skills, in a supervised environment with an interprofessional group of instructors. Following SSTEP in the spring, the establishment of the Britton Smith Chair in Surgery was announced this fall.

To learn more about giving opportunities in support of the Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Rehabilitation Therapy in the Faculty of Health Sciences and to make a donation as part of Giving Tuesday I encourage you to

Contributions from alumni and friends inspire us to create doctors, nurses and rehabilitation therapists who are better than we ever dreamed; to make discoveries in research that will change our thinking about human health; and push the limits of the way we care for patients so that each and every day, we are delivering better care across our communities.

How will you be celebrating Giving Tuesday? Let me know by responding to the blog, or better yet, please drop by the Macklem House, my door is always open.


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