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The anticipated visit

The anticipated visit

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the accreditation countdown clock on our School of Medicine’s webpage has finally reached zero. Early last night, we welcomed the visiting accreditation team to our school, eager to start a critical process that we have been preparing for over the last several years.

To give you a sense of the breadth of the work and coordination involved, here is an accreditation visit “by-the-numbers”:

128 accreditation standards

7 committees involved with accreditation, each consisting of at least 10 members

1 committee of students for the Independent Student Analysis

6 visitors from the accrediting bodies (5 from CACMS, 1 from LCME)

80 faculty members to be interviewed

18 Department Heads to be interviewed

5 hospital CEOS to be interviewed

30 students and residents to be interviewed

Thousands of pages of material

18 months of preparation

As you can see, getting ready for this visit has required nothing short of a massive effort by our faculty, staff, and students. I would like to take this opportunity to extend a special thanks to Dr. Anthony Sanfilippo and Dr. John Drover for spearheading this enormous task, as well as the 80+ members of our accreditation committees who have worked diligently to progress every aspect of our learning environment; I am truly humbled by your dedication to improving the School of Medicine.

For the next two days, as the teams evaluate our school, I invite you to visit our accreditation website, where a number of articles have been written by our leadership team members. There you will find a breadth of information on our UGME curriculum, a review of the Course and Faculty Review Committee process, and a few accreditation tips as well.

I welcome your comments on our school’s accreditation process in the comments below, or better yet, drop by the Macklem House. My door is always open.


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