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Celebrating 2020 FHS Staff Milestones


Each year, Queen's recognizes those who have reached major employment milestones. We join the university in congratulating those in FHS who are being recognized this year.

We value your commitment and dedication. Thank you! 


First Name Last Name Department Additional Department Milestone
Kristan Aronson Environmental Studies Public Health Sciences 25
Randall Flanagan Biomedical & Molecular Science Psychology 25
Zongchao Jia Biomedical & Molecular Science   25
Nancy Martin Biomedical & Molecular Science   25
Richard Oko Biomedical & Molecular Science   25
James Reynolds Biomedical & Molecular Science School of Graduate Studies 25
Glenn Brown Family Medicine; Anesthesiology & Periop Med   25
Scott Davey Pathology & Molecular Medicine; Oncology   25
Harriet Feilotter Pathology & Molecular Medicine   25
Leslie Flynn Psychiatry Health Science Operations  25
Michael Green Public Health Sciences; Family Medicine School of Policy Studies 25
Eduard Iliescu Medicine-Nephrology Nephrology 25
Robert McGraw Emergency Medicine   25
Lynne D Meilleur Diagnostic Radiology   25
Kenneth Reid Surgery-Cardiothoracic Surgery   25
Margo Rivera Psychiatry; Gender Studies   25
Sanjay Sharma Ophthalmology   25
Martin Ten Hove Ophthalmology   25
Ann-Marie Bradley Canadian Cancer Trials Group   30
Michael Broekhoven Canadian Cancer Trials Group   30
Gerald Evans Medicine-Infectious Diseases Pathology & Molecular Medicine; Biomedical & Molecular Science 30
Patrick Petkovich Biomedical & Molecular Science Pathology & Molecular Medicine 30
Stephen Bagg Physical Medicine & Rehab   30
Vicky Garrah Family Medicine   30
Robyn Houlden Medicine-Endocrinology   30
Kevin Kell Pathology & Molecular Medicine   30
Vladimir Kratky Ophthalmology   30
John Smythe Paediatrics; Medicine   30
David Yen Surgery-Orthopaedic Surgery   30
Thomas Massey Environmental Studies Medicine; Biomedical & Molecular Science 35
Wendy Cumpson Biomedical & Molecular Science   35
Anne Tobin Biomedical & Molecular Science   35
David Lillicrap Pathology & Molecular Medicine; Paediatrics   35
Juanita Dennie Economics; Psychiatry   40
Roger Deeley Biomedical & Molecular Science Pathology & Molecular Medicine; Oncology 40
Leslie Flynn Psychiatry; Family Medicine   40
Shawn Tinlin Pathology & Molecular Medicine   40
David Walker School of Policy Studies; Principal's Office Emergency Medicine; Family Medicine; 45
Lee Boudreau Pathology & Molecular Medicine   45
Barbara Latimer Pathology & Molecular Medicine   45
John McCans Medicine-Cardiology   45