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Prospective Indigenous Students

Indigenous Students Admission Pathway

The Faculty of Health Sciences offers Indigenous candidates an additional and alternative pathway for admission to the first year of a full-time, first-entry undergraduate degree program, known as the Indigenous Admission Policy.

Candidates must meet the general admission requirements for each program and deadlines for undergraduate admission. This may also include completion of the Personal Statement of Experience (PSE) and any applicable supplementary essays (SE), as well as audition or portfolio submission requirements.

Candidates seeking admission consideration under this policy should read the steps below and email the Indigenous Recruitment and Access Coordinator to complete their application. Candidates applying as Indigenous students to the Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy programs do not need the documents listed under "Required Documents," they need only self-identify as Indigenous. Please contact the Indigenous Recruitment and Access Coordinator for more information. 

Step 1 Choose your Career Path

Looking for a career in Health Sciences? We have multiple paths to explore in Medicine, Nursing and Rehabilitation Therapy.

Step 2 Required Documents

These are the required documents to apply using the Indigenous Access Policy, if you have any questions or not sure how to request or find certain documents contact us and we would happy to guide you.

The following documents are required for students who apply to most Faculty of Health Sciences program using the Indigenous Access Policy. Please note, when applying to as an Indigenous student to the Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy master's programs, students are not required to provide these documents, they need only self-identify. 

Indigenous students do not require these documents when applying through the conventional process. 

For assistance with your application please contact our Indigenous Recruitment and Access Coordinator.

  • A letter, written by the applicant, stating that they wish to be considered under the Indigenous Access Policy along with their proof of Indigenous ancestry. The recipient of this letter will depend on the program to which the applicant applies.
  • Proof of Indigenous Ancestry (one of the following): 
    • Indigenous Status Card
    • Métis Nation Council Card from one of the following organizations:
      • Métis Nation of Ontario
      • Métis Nation of British Columbia
      • Métis Nation of Alberta
      • Manitoba Métis Federation
      • Métis Nation of Saskatchewan
  • Indigenous Status Card of parents’
  • Birth Certificate or Baptismal Certificate
  • Inuit Beneficiary Card
  • Letter from the band council from student’s community

For Bill C-3 applicants:

  • Letter from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

Step 3 Get in Touch

Whether you are looking to START YOUR APPLICATION using the Indigenous Access Policy or have a QUESTION, please fill out this form.

Prospective Indigenous Students - Get In Touch!