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Book a Participant

There are two types or participants available to book: 

  • Clinical Participant(s) - (Unscripted)
    An individual recruited to provide an understanding of an illness or condition through the sharing of their personal story and illness experience. Clinical participants also participate in non-invasive in physical assessments that do not involve scripts, physical acting or assumption of non-existing conditions. These participants are not trained or standardized in their participation.
  • Standardized Participant(s) - (Scripted)
    An individual specially trained to simulate a set of symptoms, conditions or scenarios. These participants are trained and standardized in their participation.

Please email us at hscelp@queensu.ca and we follow up with you to help you choose what type of participant best suit your needs.

Booking Policy

  • 6 weeks prior to first session date: completed booking form to be submitted to the program
  • 4 weeks prior to the first session date: finalized scenario(s) to be submitted to the program
  • 2 weeks' notice required for any session adjustments or cancellation (charges apply with less than 1 week's notice)