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Biochemistry Co-op Program

Co-Operative Education offers a program which formally integrates on campus academic study with relevant productive work experience in industry, business or government. The work experience enhances the students' intellectual, professional and personal development by providing opportunities for applying academic theories and knowledge, evaluating and adjusting career directions and developing skills in working with people.

Co-op students typically complete one eight-month work term (May - Dec), one four-month (May - Aug) work term to obtain a B.Sc. (Hons) Specialization Biochemistry degree with a co-op designation.  Work terms may vary as opportunities arise.


Fall Semester
(Sept. - Dec.)

Winter Semester
(Jan. - Apr.)

Spring Semester
(May - Aug.)


On campus academic term

On campus academic term



On campus academic term

On campus academic term



On campus academic term

On campus academic term

Work term 1


Work term 1 (cont)

On campus academic term

Work term 2


On campus academic term



Entrance Requirements
To qualify for entry into the Co-op program, a student must:

  • Be enrolled full-time at Queen's University.
  • Be proceeding towards a B.Sc. (Hons.) Specialization Biochemistry degree. Course requirements are stated in the Arts and Science Calendar.
  • Complete six academic terms at the standard required for entry to honours.
  • Be prepared to travel for the work term placements.

Benefits of the Co-Op Degree

  • Twelve months paid work experience.
  • Opportunities to work in front-line research laboratories using the most up-to-date techniques and scientific equipment.
  • Experience in writing CVs, job applications, attending job interviews and presenting work reports and seminars.
  • Work term employers become valuable sources of references and contacts.
  • Students directly improve their employment opportunities upon graduation.

Entrance Procedures
Students should apply by October 14th in the fall of their third year at Queen's. An information session is held early in the third academic year providing application forms and other information.

Application Form

Entry into the co-op program is competitive and the preliminary selection is based on transcripts, lab course assessments, references and interviews. The final selection is made by the work term employers and the Department of Biochemistry.