Earning MAINPRO Credits

MAINPRO® (Maintenance of Proficiency) is the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) program designed to support and promote the continuous professional development for family physicians.

Counting Mainpro-C and Mainpro-M1 credits towards 5-year-cycle requirements

  • Members of the CFPC are required to report a minimum of 125 Mainpro-M1 and/or Mainpro-C credits in every five-year cycle.
  • Mainpro-C credits are counted as equal to Mainpro-M1 credits with regard to meeting the Maintenance of Proficiency requirement of 125 credits: members may fulfill the requirements with all Mainpro-M1 credits, all Mainpro-C credits, or a combination of the two.
  • For each Mainpro-C credit earned, the CFPC awards a bonus Mainpro-M1 credit. As such, members get “two for the price of one” by earning Mainpro-C credits.
  • Members who participate in Mainpro-C-accredited activities may claim only Mainpro-M1 credits if they prefer.
  • If a participant does not complete the post-program reflective activity (a requirement of all Mainpro-C-accredited activities), the participant is only eligible to claim Mainpro-M1 credits.

NEW As of January 2013

  1. Family physicians must acquire a minimum of 25 credits per year. These can be a combination of all three types of Mainpro credits Mainpro M1, Mainpro M2 and Mainpro C. A minimum of 250 over a 5-year cycle is still required.
  2. Online reporting will be required.

Please see the Introduction to MAINPRO  page for more information on CME credit requirements for CFPC members.