Earning MAINPRO+ Credits

The College of Family Physicians of Canada is pleased to announce that the official launch of the new MAINPRO+® platform will take place on June 27, 2016. The new online reporting platform will make accessing your credit summary, completed activities, in-progress activities, and official transcripts, much easier. The CFPC is making some significant changes to Mainpro, based on member recommendations, to help all Mainpro participants meet their changing learning requirements. The system changes will also ensure that the appropriate mechanisms are in place to allow Mainpro to evolve and improve over time. We understand that change can be challenging at times and want to ensure all our members have a successful transition to Mainpro+. 

The way you earn and report CPD credits is changing:

  • Reporting categories that are easier to understand
  • Opportunities to earn credit for more practice activities
  • Opportunities to earn 1, 2, or 3 credits per hour with more activities and programs
  • New user-friendly online reporting portal

CFPC Mainpro+ Credit Requirements

To fulfill your Mainpro+ requirements, you must submit a minimum of 250 credits in each five-year cycle.

Certified: At least 125 of the 250 credits must be Mainpro+ certified credits in any category (Group Learning, Self-Learning, Assessment)

Non-Certified: Up to 125 of the 250 credits may be non-certified credits in any category.

All Mainpro+ participants, including Non-Member Mainpro+ Participants, will be required to earn and report a minimum of 25 credits per year during their five-year cycle. The annual minimum may be comprised of any combination of certified and/or non-certified credits in the Group Learning, Self-Learning, and Assessment categories; a minimum of 250 credits are required within the five-year cycle.

We're keeping what works well...

  • Five-year reporting cycle
  • Minimum 25 credits required per year
  • Minimum 250 credits required per cycle
  • Minimum 125 credits required per cycle from certified CPD programs
  • Easy online reporting

 For an in-depth breakdown of how the new MAINPRO+ System works click here. For a supplementary tutorial video go here.