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Entrada, a new platform for 175th

  • Published Wed Aug 10th 2016

    Matt Simpson, Technical Director, Entrada Consortium, and Andrew Dos-Santos, Manager, Health Sciences Education Technology, wanted to do something to celebrate Queen’s University’s 175th anniversary in 2016-17, but they weren't in the position throw a party or host an event.

    Instead, they came up with a unique way of marking the occasion: naming the latest release of the software platform they helped create “Entrada 1.7.5”.

    “The updated version of Entrada was going to be 1.7,” Mr. Simpson says. “When I heard about the 175th anniversary, I had the idea of making it 1.7.5. I asked around the Entrada Consortium, and no one had any objections, so we decided to go with it.”

    Entrada launched in 2004 to consolidate course material and information for undergraduate medical students. Entrada and Queen’s 175th anniversary share a champion in David Walker, who was Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the time and now serves as chair of the anniversary’s executive committee.

    Entrada has since evolved into a platform that can manage information and reporting for Health Sciences education from undergraduate admissions to continuing professional development. Entrada helps institutions meet accreditation standards, assess student performance and measure program quality.

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