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FHS Staff earn financial certification

  • Published Wed Jun 8th 2016

    Congratulations to six Faculty of Health Sciences staff who completed Financial Services' new online certificate program. This group is among the inaugural group of graduates from the program.

    Denis Bourguignon, Martin Galczynski, Kris Bowes, Rylan Egan, Audrey Hunt, Joan Lee and Dr. David Holland were pleased to represent the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Departments and Schools in recognition of their achievement and pursuit of financial education.

    From left to right:

    Val Doiron, Regional Education

    Jessica Montagner, Emergency Medicine

    Angela Lees, Anesthesiology

    Susan Holland, Emergency Medicine

    Maggie Black, Ophthalmology

    Allyson James, Office of Health Sciences Education

    Not pictured: 
    Adrian Conway, School of Rehabilitation Therapy