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Soniya Sharma wins CMA Award for Young Leaders

  • Published Fri Jun 5th 2015

    Soniya Sharma 
    CMA Award for Young Leaders (Student category)

    Soniya Sharma stands out for her experience and accomplishments in medical politics, academics, research and extracurricular activities while a student.

    When embarking on her medical studies at Queens University in 2011, she was elected to the executive council of the Aesculapian Society and represented Queen’s at the Canadian Federation of Medical Students and the Ontario Medical Students Association (OMSA). She chaired OMSA committees on duty hours and student wellness that led to the creation of a provincial wellness committee, as well as local and provincial wellness retreats.

    Since being elected chair of OMSA in 2014, she has led constitutional reform for the organization. She also has represented her peers on the Ontario Medical Association board of directors and attended CMA General Council as an Ontario delegate, taking advantage of both opportunities to develop an innovative pilot program to teach medical students about governance while being mentored by physician leaders.

    Her awards include the OMA Student Achievement Award and the Professional Association of Residents of Ontario Trust Fund Citizenship Award. As of July 2015 Ms. Sharma will be pursuing a residency in anesthesia at the University of Toronto.